NCCR-MICS - Sensor Network Platform Kit


Many projects within MICS are sharing similar requirements in respect to hard- and software platforms. In order to accelerate the initial startup on hands-on experimentation and to facilitate the sharing of resources and know-how within MICS we propose a common base infrastructure that will be made available to MICS partners and supported by MICS staff.

The Sensor Network Platform Kit (SNPK) is made up of components that are considered to be the state-of-the-art and known-to-work. The unique approach combines both technology from industry as well as know-how and reliable prototypes from researchers to form a baseline opensource solution. The SNPK offers a service to researchers containing a shopping list for hardware components, downloadable software, technical support for affiliated members as well as an open community base for discussion and exchange.

Target Audience

  • MICS partners that need platform know-how to jumpstart their research
  • Projects that want to share/integrate their work with others
  • Projects that target a basic environmental sensing application

SNPK Download and SNPK Getting Started


SNPK Components

  • Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network
  • Backend Data Gathering
  • Tools


Related Resources and Documentation

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