The Sensor Network Museumtm - WSN Deployment Survey

This is a survey on the success/failure/experience of wireless sensor network deployments. It is an informal questionnaire on experience, expectation and generally a broad practical overview of different wireless sensor network deployments that have been done in the community. Basically what I want to get at is "what was your original plan and how did you approach it" and "what came out in the end" to gain a better understanding of where the sweet spots really are (and what to do about them in the future).


If you can't answer a specific question don't panic (and move on), or if you think another question would be more appropriate please don't be shy and note all your comments as best as you can. In any case, if you have supporting material (slides, photos, papers, links, etc.) and don't mind sharing these please attach a copy of this material to your response.

If you have done more than one deployment (e.g. in consecutive years, please fill specify or use two forms). If you know any other deployment, please don't hesitate to forward this questionnaire.


In the end, I intend to compile the data into a report and possibly even publish the findings. Definitely I will contact you again before any such publication is finalized to discuss the possible options of dissemination as well as the interpretation of the results of this survey.

For now I will host the survey results here.


And last but not least there is a PRIZE to stimulate participation in the survey (will be drawn among all questionnaire entries returned before December 15, 2007):

1 full-service weekend in the alps including room and board, ski pass, and professional guiding for you. Powder guaranteed. In case you prefer summer (no skis) I am sure we can negotiate! Transport there and back is excluded.

If anything else is unclear, please ask! I look forward to your submissions to:

Jan Beutel, ETH Zurich


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